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Best Cleaning Services in Bangalore

We Care Home Services in Bangalore will provide you with a clean and healthy environment at your Home, Residence and Offices by taking our best Cleaning Services in Bangalore.
We are focused and Dedicated to providing you with the best Cleaning Services with all our experts and well-trained professionals. We carry out the cleaning of your:

We understand the pain it takes to clean every nook and corner of your house to ensure families health. With a little expert help, all this can be fast and easy without worrying about the body stain. We at We Care Home Services in Bangalore are a team of trained technicians who carry out Home cleaning service with perfection.

Home and Residence Cleaning Services

House Cleaning in Bangalore is no more a Difficult work. We Care Home Services provides the best House Cleaning Service in Bangalore. Home or House Cleaning includes the complete cleaning of your Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom and Kitchen. Our Experts are well Equipped with all the best and sophisticated Machinery to clean all the floors, windows, cabinets, cobwebs areas, bathroom walls and floors etc.

Office and Commercials Cleaning Services

Keeping office clean is the primary and major factor for any business or factory to perform well. We help you to keep your organization clean which includes work areas, cabins, restrooms and refreshment rooms etc. Our Cleaning Treatments are completely done with disinfected chemicals and special Cleaning tools.

Sofa Cleaning Services

We have the best sofa cleaning services in Bangalore where we have our dedicated team to clean your sofas. We clean all types of sofas of various sizes. Our Primary focus is to follow the steps appropriately to clean the sofas. We use a dry vacuum to remove all the dust from the sofa and depending on the material, we either apply chemicals or we apply wax to it to make it clean and tidy. If the chemicals are used to clean your sofa, we will extract all the moisture content from your sofa and make it completely clean.

Floor Cleaning Services

Our Technicians are expertly trained in the cleaning and restoration of many types of hard surface flooring. Our Cleaning methods are superb. We always use eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Our Cleaning process can be divided into three steps:

  • Dirt or dust should first be removed with a vacuum cleaner or a broom
  • Have a floor cleaning solutions or spray bottle for the appropriate floor
  • After Spraying the tile or stone on the floors in a small area, use a mop to clean and scrub floors.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning is the most important Cleaning Service required for any House or Office. We clean all your carpets with our special equipment and chemicals which are non-reactive and eco-friendly. The Carpets are initially cleaned and it majorly includes three major steps:

  • Vacuuming Treatment
  • Foam treatment
  • Injection Extraction

Glass Cleaning Services

An outlook of the building gives the impression of the reputation of the company and if the front of the building is made of glasses, the cleaning of glasses comes in most priority work list. Cleaning glass windows is a specialized job & require professionals to maintain it, The exterior of buildings is affected continuously by wind, snow, rain etc. Therefore, it is a must to maintain buildings using facade cleaning service. For the same we do:

  • High range Glass cleaning services through trolleys or Spiderman.
  • Glass cleaning services up to reachable approach through the telescopic rod.
  • Glass cleaning service of windows, doors through telescopic rod and glass squeeze.

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